Friday, January 21, 2011

Enell Bras

If you've ever ordered sports bras from Enell, you probably know this already, but I didn't, so I had to live and learn, then get corrected.  I ordered sports bras from Enell on January 13.  They arrived by UPS today.  I attempted to try one on, but to my consternation, it did not fit.  Too small!  Way too small!  So I called their 800 number and immediately got a sales representative on the phone.  She explained that since all apparel companies vary their bra sizing, and there is no such thing as a STANDARD SIZE (though I think plenty of women wish there were such a thing), Enell goes by your measurements - around the breasts and under the breasts, at the ribcage - to get the right size.  You check your measurements against their size chart and order your sports bra accordingly.  I wish I knew this before I ordered the bras!

I'll be returning the bras (another trip to UPS, and more money spent on shipping), but I'll also be measuring myself, and hopefully I can exchange the current bras for bras that will, hopefully, fit me correctly.

Being a woman - it's so much work!!!